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Song Info:

Artist: DLP
Record Company: Medboyz
Producer: Medboyz
Mix/Mastered: Medboyz
Release Date: Contober 10 2019

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Hey, babe, I got this an app on my phone want to play really that sounds boring as fuck sheesh. I took a person see me this way.

Crying. Ow, yeah you bori with me. She gets to go out of town changing her personality. All y'all niggas is raggedy pull up his way to swaggity adrift on the sauce that niggas call with the she feeling. Whoa. No plan covers a weary. Yo, I think you should let her grow taking your girl for the week. Yeah. You know she free. Yeah. Yeah. I got a busted for me. Yes. She did it for free all of these women on Me Maybe the sake of address. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, Pastor the world says baby. I'm bringing a team y'all I'm awake. You know, I'm standing. I got a gig blink and you miss Daddy just stop it.

To me. I think you're freaked out. Yeah been grinding put in and we're perfect timing see that I'm wearing this bus down. I do not work on retire retire. Maybe I look like retirement retirement baby. I let every time and I know you want it to slide to change up your Vive you wanted to go. My life is a movie. I ain't got a title. I do what I want. I'm taking a trip for real. I do it again in a month. What are you doing?

Twig I'm taking a my life for retirement baby. You know how I got it. I came out for nothing this shit. Got me. Happy Mega can't stop it. Nigga. You know that I got it bust out on both ways. I land on a boat Rich force on the 30. I'll top it.

You're going back where?

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